We invite you to join us in creating Issue 9 of UNDO magazine with a focus on AGING

Our fascination with youth culture is throwing us into a frenzy. With an emphasis to keep our skin, bodies, and energy young, we rarely make time for conversations about aging until it is too late.

Aging is a natural process of life and though we as humans aim to keep things young, we inevitably will experience the joys aging. This issue talks about the GREY AREA. We punch in on topics about bone, eye, skin health along with some help with those “diseases” that seem to appear at a certain age.

We get expert advice from people with years of experience in the game. Through these stories, we will uncover clues to the future of training, technology, sustainability and health as everything in life moves in patterns. Let’s collectively learn from our growing pains.

Age with us.

Focus: Bodycare, Food, Therapy, Sports, Brain and Education

Artwork.    Articles.    Photo Stories.    Full Spreads.
Anything worthy of being printed.


Deadline: April 10, 2019

Submission Guidelines


300dpi CMYK

Spread 12×18”
Single page 9×12”

Bleed 0.125” all around

View full moodboard here


  1. Write your story. Any questions, ask us.
    • Long form stories 2000-5000 words
    • Short pieces 500-1000
  2. Upload your story.
  3. Sign the Writer’s Agreement here.
    • We appreciate your time and efforts to contribute. We ask our writers to sign an agreement that states they are comfortable with our editorial team reviewing the copy before we go to print.
    • Keep in mind you will have final approval on the story before it goes to print! Don’t take changes personal.
  4. Fill out submission form here.
  5. General Do’s Don’ts
    • Writing style guide that summarizes some do’s and don’ts. Take a look here.
    • If your story does not make it: Don’t get salty. We will likely use it in another issue or work with you to find where it fits.