UNDO RADIO: Ep 4 - Saying what you mean with Seher

"I felt a responsibility, that's why I showed up in the comments."


This episode of #UNDORADIO features multi-disciplinary artist Seher. If you are unfamiliar with Seher's work, she is a cerebral superhuman that uses language and imagery to speak to and for the women of this generation. Moderated by UNDO founder  Nai Vasha, this episode finds the two creatives drawing lines through dialogue as they make sense of this world we call the internet and how we find our purpose in the noise.  Recorded at Canal Street Market, thanks to our friends at Listening Party, UNDO Radio is here to give more context to our contributors, provide greater takeaways for better living, and continue to serve as a valuable resource of wellness information for our audience.

On this episode we discuss:

Saying What You Mean & Meaning What You Say [2:02]
What is the HeartMind? [3:02]
Booty Chakras [4:30]
Distortion of Social Issues on Social Media [5:15]
"Opting out of the game" and How to Establish Boundaries Lovingly [14:45]
Selecting Friendships Like Selecting a Romantic Partner [25:40]
Early Internet Days and Awkward Cyber Sex Encounters [33:22]
Disconnecting to Connect & Hate/Like Relationship with Social Media [35:28]
Addictive Behaviors on Social Media [38:08]

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Find out more on Seher here and her contributions to UNDO mag at the link.
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